Garages are used to accommodate automobiles as well as other vehicles. In domestic sphere it is usually cars and bikes whereas in commercial world it can be anything including cars, trucks, buses, tractors, rollers and many others. In domestic sphere the size of garage doors are larger than the normal entrance doors so that the vehicle can easily move in and in commercial sectors the garage doors are often huge and the largest one is the aircraft hanger where the aircrafts reside when idle. Various types of garage doors are there but the most common are shutter types and those based on garage door rollers.

Movement on Track with Garage Door Rollers

With the use of Garage Door Rollers the garage doors move up and down the track. Task accomplished by the rollers is allowing free movement to the garage door. Users of the rollers in garage doors have two options to choose from. Either they can use lubricating rollers or they can use replacing rollers.

Garage Door Rollers

Addressing the Issues Related to Garage Door Rollers

There are a couple of issues to be addressed with garage door rollers. If the roller does not slide then there is possibility of the door binding. On the other hand if the roller sticks on the sleeve then the door would be difficult opening. Standard doors have ten rollers and they need attention of the user and owner. Rollers can be metal or rubberized. Problems with metal rollers are that they are prone to rusts whereas rubberized rollers can be subjected to wear and tear due to regular use. Repair and maintenance of the rollers and the sleeves is therefore important aspect of using the door rollers for the garage.

No Need for Door Replacement

At times the repairing mechanic may try to inspire the customer to go for a new door when the rollers are damaged. It is not necessary going for a new garage door in such cases. Garage door rollers are not very expensive item and replacement of old ones with new rollers can solve the problem. The same analogy applies to replacement of sleeves. Replacement of the door could be highly expensive and not the ideal proposition in most cases. Moreover repair and replacement of the rollers is not a hard task and the process is quite simple. An accomplished mechanic can easily carry out the task causing low expense to the customer. Only precaution necessary is to remove and replace the rollers one by one as and when necessary because taking out all at a time can cause garage door to fall apart.

Simple Solutions for Roller Management

One of the simplest solutions in making the Garage Door Rollers workable is to lubricate them. Lubricating the rollers can free up noisy and stiff garage doors making them move freely. It can also free up the sticky doors easily. Replacement is not warranted unless the roller is severely damaged or not in working condition. Else, lubricating could be the best solution.

Best Garage Door Rollers

End users usually look forward to having the best materials for their use and this also applies in case of the garage door rollers. Some of the best rollers are made of nylon and they have around 20,000 cycles which is far greater than the cycles achieved with standard rollers. They also come with lubrication grooves and it becomes convenient using lubrication process on the rollers as and when required.

Importance of Maintenance

Owners often experience difficulties in moving their garage doors up and down as they are not properly maintained. When the rollers are properly maintained they will have greater longevity and better working capabilities. It is advisable to have a monthly or bi-monthly check up the condition of the rollers as well as the sleeve for better performance.

Popular Domestic Garage Door Rollers

Some of the most popular domestic garage door rollers are –

• Plastic rollers without ball bearings;

• Nylon rollers with 10, 13bearings;

• Steel rollers with 7 ball bearings;

• Upgraded steel rollers with 7 ball bearings; and

• Steel rollers with 10 ball bearings.

Similarly for the commercial enterprises the experts recommend garage door rollers that are double sealed, moisture resistant, and factory lubricated for best use.